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Oct. 3rd, 2009

Yule Ball update!

yule ball2
Originally uploaded by mn_egl

Ok, ladies and gents, this is your reminder that the ball is over half full for registration. We've sold 36/60 tickets, and continue to get a couple a week. If your going to register, I strongly suggest doing it soon. Also, if people sign up earlier I'll have a better idea of my budget, and can get even more decadent treats for the buffet. Remember, the last date for registration is Nov. 1st, and there will be no at-the-door tickets sold!

Ball info is, as ever, over there: dickensianyuleball.blogspot.com or, you can buy directly at http://www.eventbrite.com/myevents?org_id=196942.

Thanks all!

Aug. 30th, 2009

Aww :)

I got a valentine this week! My first one for just me.

Thanks to whoever made it!

The description of me as PRINCE(cess) made me laugh. That works. That works.

Aug. 22nd, 2009

Holy whoever

It's a revolution via lolita valentines? 609 valentines this week? In just this week? Love is in the air again!

Aug. 20th, 2009

Looking for a few good essayists.

Hello all ☺

I'm currently investigating the possibility of taking on a rather ambitious little project, and I thought there might be some ladies and gentlemen around here that could help me.

After doing a few projects doing limited run, online-published, and self-published comics, I got an itch to do something for the Lolita community.  I'm not completely sure if it's feasible yet, but I knew this would be the place to look for an important part.

What I want to make is a little, printed, book, probably with a print-on-demand online printer, featuring a variety of articles of interest to the lifestyle Lolita. This book would give no advice about fashion, not define terms or styles, and not have any craft tutorials. It would be a book of 3 sections: etiquette, lessons, and essays considering the philosophy, symbolism, and lifestyle challenges inherent in being a Lolita. For example a essay from the first part might be "the etiquette of giving and receiving criticism", and example from the second section might be "a primer on the language of flowers", and an example from the final section might be "the legacy of Alice" or "finding your Lolita moments".

It is especially the second section that I've come here for. I'm curious if there are any among us who are unusually knowledgeable in some specific area- like fan language, flower language, the history of tea, or any other suitable topic that might be of interest to other lolitas. Or, for that matter, if any of you were just waiting for the perfect excuse to go and thoroughly research one of these topics.

If you have any questions, would like more general information, or would like to volunteer, you can comment here, or private message me. I shall, however, be honest with you. I expect little hope of significant profit from this endeavor, especially considering any profit would be divided many ways. I do, however, have high hopes that it could be a fairly widely read book, that could have lasting impact in our community.

Many Thanks,

Aug. 19th, 2009

yule ball reminder!

yule ball2
Originally uploaded by mn_egl
This is a reminder to everyone that if they want to attend the Yule Ball, that they should possibly consider registering earlier rather than later! Starting in early September I'll be starting another round of advertisements about the ball- and last time I did that we filled over 1/4th of the tickets in a single weekend. I don't want any of you left out!

Also! Pictures of the location are now up on the site. If you guys haven't seen this location yet, you should really have a look!

Ball info is, as ever, over there: dickensianyuleball.blogspot.com

Aug. 14th, 2009

Tea set post- x-posted to lifestyle_lolis

Going along with this months themes, I thought I'd post my formal and casual tea sets!


Aug. 12th, 2009

I love you functioning eye...even if you aren't fabulouse...

So, MAC is putting out a new line of black products. High-quality black lipstick, black lip liner, and a shiny, sparkly black eyeshadow. I used to wear black lipstick ect. back in highschool...but it was always of really low quality and got all cracked and gross really fast, even with gloss. So this announcement made me all kinds of happy, and lisa and i resolved to put aside some money for this at once. We found out about this via there email service about a month ago.

Fast forward to my birthday last week- my parents get me one eye of laser eye surgery! yaaaay! I got the procudure done on monday. Everything went off perfectly.

But now I'm banned from eye makeup till my eye heals more. And even after that, eyeliner is discouraged for a full month. Hopefully the ban on ALL eye makeup should only be a week, but I'm going to have to be careful- especially with my history of eye-makeup-allergies.

small sad story

Several months ago, my wife and I ran a "geek prom" for a local nonprofit org. At said prom, a young woman showed up in an ok…rather clearly home-made, but lovingly detailed lolita dress, in a nicely coordinated outfit. I'd just been hired on to the park, so pookie had to inform me that the girl was, in fact, one of our co-workers.

Last week, I was doing a shift with said co-worker. I asked her if she'd registered yet for the Yule ball, and she said no. She then freely admitted that she was well aware that there was a large and active lolita community in MN, but said that she had been too afraid to join.

See, she'd never been to a MN meetup. When she'd first discovered the fashion she'd done exactly what all lolitas hope new lolitas do- she went to research it online. And then, she turn around and ran the other way. Why? Because she read a small sample of the posts on EGL, and became convinced that if she had the audacity to show up in a home-made dress, or anything other than Japanese brand that she would have her clothing ripped to shreds, her eyes gouged out, her liver eaten, and her family deported to a 3rd world country. I really can't say that I blame her! It took me a good 30 minutes to persuade her that the local scene is nothing like the online scene- that we are there to "enjoy our ducks" together. That critique would be available if she wanted, but that nobody was going to critique her based on what she was wearing. That we accept all kinds of lolitas. I don't think I've been to a single meetup yet where I didn’t hear a homemade, thrifted, or otherwise unconventionally obtained lolita outfit praised. And as for brand-obsession….most of us have our favorite brands right here in the Midwest of the US of A!

I just wonder how many lovely people like her we've lost permanently because of all the viciousness and vitriol of the lolita livejournal forums. I mean, even pookie and I almost chickened out of attending our first meetup- and I've work with felons, for petes sake!

Is that what we're going to be? More frightening than felons? Really? Really??

Aug. 1st, 2009

to-do list

I need to make some of these~!

Their cupcakes!! How adorable is that? And their so simple I could even make them in my kitchenette. I've got to find an excuse for these.

Other lolita related to-dos:

1) Get another can of crimson paint for the dollhouse
2) spend that gift certificate to SR Harris! Fall is right around the corner, and I want to get the grey outfits together. My grey britches need more screentime.
3) Get pictures of ball location, add to webpage
4) get another round of fliers for the ball & distribute them.
5) figure out something new to do with my hair that doesn't involve cutting or dieing it. The same little ponytale with a bow at meetup after meetup is so old...but i don't just want to give myself weird anime poofs. I'll never understand why thats so popular in boystyle. It looks silly.
6) get calling cards printed for future meetups, for myself and for pookie. I've got them designed, i just need to get them printed.

Also, very breif rant: what is with the striped socks???? Am I the only fan of boystyle that doesn't feel the need to include black and white striped socks, black breeches, and a black vest over a white shirt in EVERY outfit?


But firts- off to pookies play!

Jul. 24th, 2009

Personal Photo Shoot Opportunity

Hi all!

So, remember how cute those pictures Drayke took of Lisa and I turned out? You wished you had such pretty pictures of yourself, didn't you? It's ok to admit it. He's awesome. We're lucky to have so many talented photographers in our group.

Well, I just got an email from The Ramsey House, offering us a special deal on doing a photography shoot in their building. While they usually charge a good $500 for any group to take pictures there, they have offered to let us in for $30 per person, which I don't believe includes the people there just for picture-taking. They don't seem to have to pay. And, lucky us, I think Drayke is willing to take the pics for $15 per person. It doesn't get better than that. Also, the Ramsey House has generously agreed to waive the damage deposit for us.

Why bother paying money to shoot in the Ramsey House? Well, not only is it lovely, its historically spot-on, and offers some settings you wont find anywhere else. For example, while the rest of the house has been kept at it's original Victorian splendor, the nursery had been allowed to lapse into slight, moody decay, since the family had not had children for so many decades. Picture faded, slightly peeling blue wallpaper, and a shelf full of porcelain and wooden toys with the paint flaking off. Plus there's the study, the dining room, the parlor, and if your interested, even the kitchen! which is still working and in use, but completely period.

SO, would anyone still be interested in this? Remember, I'm planning on having personal Bio pages for each of us in the yearbook- you'll want a really great photo to represent you, won't you? And I want pages for couples and such...highly romantic place.

Anyways, for now just tell me if your interested. I'll arrange a time after that that works for everyone who want's to join in. 


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