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cameofigure's Journal

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4 August 1983
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Hello, this is my blog dedicated to all my loli-related ramblings, picture posts, and community memberships. If you’re not interested in loli, this is going to be very, very dull for you, because that really all this blog is about.

I am a 24 year old masters student in MN, USA, living with my beloved little fiancé, who is also loli. I work full time at an uptight office, and have class twice a week, so I don’t get to dress this way much of the time, but I’m looking for more opportunities. I don’t buy brand, since that money could go to tuition or saving up for a house. Instead, I prefer to sew, or to alter things I find at stores like ragstock. I think I’m getting pretty good at that :). I also love other kinds of crafting, especially scrapbooking. I am trying to convince myself to enjoy cooking- we’ll have to wait and see how that goes. I also draw, and modesty aside, I’m pretty good at it. I’ll probably post some works as soon as I’ve finished some relevant to this blog.

I’m especially interested in chatting with other older lolis. In my life, being loli represents a willingness to hold on to parts of childhood, even when bogged down with the demands of the grownup world. Things like vulnerability, playfulness, and a love of cute things and twirly skirts. I do not like loleitists at all. I do this for fun and self expression, and imagine a lot of other people do to, and I will tend to dislike anyone that deliberately prevents others from doing that. I also tend to get annoyed with using bastardized Japanese for no apparent reason when there’s an English word that would work just as well. Probably because I did it so much as a teenager, back when I thought Japan was some mythical paradise ;) .

Feel free to friend me; I expect I’ll return the favor :)